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Personal Trainer

For Charles, teaching his clients about self-care is absolutely vital to living a life that is sustainable.

Whether it is that they want to straighten up their posture while standing or moving, or get rid of that nagging ache that’s now become a part of their life, or just to get rid of that saying, “it’s just old age” and want to be able to move comfortably like an adolescent, he is driven to spread accurate and actionable knowledge to those in pain and those who are pain-free for the sole purpose of better movement in everyday life.

He thrives for the self-improvement of others. Using the Functional Patterns methodology at its core, Charles combines self-myofascial release with postural correction and three-dimensional exercises for better posture and movement awareness for his clients. These methods boost biomechanical capabilities by analyzing individual movement patterns before applying correctional measures for higher quality everyday movement.

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