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Cass Kirby

When I first met Justin, my spinal injury and subsequent nerve damage were causing my strength to deteriorate quickly. I was in pain every single day, unhappy and could barely step up a gutter.


With his extensive knowledge and understanding of rehabilitation, confidence and kindness, I am now pain-free, strong, fit and happy. In more recent years, Justin has supported me through some big surgeries on my back and ankles; always bringing a personalised program with a focus on recovery and movement.

Never once have I felt like Justin uses a "cookie cutter" approach with our sessions and after all these years it is still fresh and fun during my sessions.


Michael Gallagher

When I started training with Michael about 7 years ago I was recovering from a bad hamstring tear from playing Soccer.


As part of rehab Mike spoke to my physio and prepared a structured program to help me strengthen the hamstring but also address some other weaknesses that were limiting my movement. Since originally seeing Mike and recovering from my injury I haven’t stopped seeing him. We constantly test and reassess my needs and ensure that.


I’m ready for each new soccer season. I’m 47 and while I might not be as fast as I once was my movement and strength is still good and put that all down to the hard work I’ve done with Mike.

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Liz Buholzer

I have been seeing Justin for about 5 years now and can’t recommend him enough.


Was paired up with him based on my focus for rehab training due to weak shoulders and injury to my knee. Over the last 5 years, we have been able to continue to improve not only my strength but my overall mobility.


I continue to put my trust in Justin and see results each week. He’s absolutely the best and is not only a trainer for me but a friend.

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Having trained with Kat for 4 months, I’ve noticed a marked  difference in how I feel and the shape of my body.


She concentrates on the areas that I need the most help with and adapts incredibly well to my evolving goals.


If everyone had someone like Kat in their life to train them, the world would be a fitter, friendlier place!


Tara Hickey

Justin has been invaluable in helping me know how to train for climbing and setting a training program from which I can really see progress.


I've also never known how to plan my diet to get all my nutritional needs and retain energy or keep motivated while losing weight.


However, his straightforward approach and easy-to-follow guide have made it easy. Happy to say I've lost my COVID kilos and some more.


Would highly recommend as a trainer as well as for your nutritional needs.


Lina Robinson

I've been training with Michael for over 3 years. He is a great trainer, very encouraging, supportive and passionate about fitness and good health.


He designs the sessions for results, and his attention to detail has significantly improved my strength and flexibility and helped me in correcting poor habits.


I look forward to each session and can't recommend Michael enough. 


Marta Tesoro

Training with Justin has given me the confidence to do physical challenges that I never thought possible.


It’s been amazing being able to lift my own body weight, join the 100 pushups a day challenge, to do pull-ups and I am in my 40s!


Looking in the mirror and still fitting into my clothes from over 10 years ago is pretty awesome too.


Jiun Carlisle

Training with Michael for the past 4 years has been amazing and great fun!


His depth of knowledge about the body & movement has meant that the sessions are always interesting & effective. From handstands to juggling to deadlifts to duckwalks - you never really know what you're going to get but he's guaranteed to give you a good workout & next thing you know you'll be cartwheeling everywhere!


Joshua Splitt

Justin has been an amazing coach, I was looking everywhere for a trainer to help maximise my workout time inside my busy work schedule to achieve the goals I set out.


Justin helped cater something towards me and constantly updated on the fly to help tweak every little thing to help me achieve my goal with regular checkups.


He has been more than just a general coach. He really puts in the effort and cares for his clients and shares in their achievements! Couldn't recommend a better coach.

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Gary G

Michael is a first class personal trainer!. Good communicater, knowledgable and passionate about what he does,


I couldn't recommend him highly enough, and the results speak for themselves!


Phuong Dao

Within only a few months working together, Justin has helped me lose my lockdown weight and gain back my pre-pandemic fitness level. I could also see noticeable gains in my bouldering strength from consistently following his training program and meal plan advice.


Justin’s approach is clear and simple, but effective. More importantly, he makes sure the training program could realistically fit into my work, life and climbing schedules, and any dietary recommendations would suit my lifestyle.


Thanks to Justin’s coaching, not only am I in the best shape in my life so far, but I have also become more intentional with my everyday choices and activities to sustain an active and balanced lifestyle. I definitely got the results I wanted and much more.


I would highly recommend Justin if you are after a practical, sustainable, no-nonsense approach to fitness!


Amber Li

Michael's training has become an essential element of my and my team's weekly routine.


Apart from keeping me physically fit, his training sharpens my mind, prevents injuries, increases strength and challenges what I think my body is capable of doing.


So functional, so good.

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After I picked a wedding date, I realised that I had only a few months to get looking great.


Kat was incredibly committed to me looking great for the special day.


Being motivated around Kat is easy. Her fun and energetic character was contagious and, for the first time ever and in the company of Kat, working out was both fun and rewarding.


Matthew Wong

I have been training with Justin since October 2021 with the aim to improve my climbing. 

His efficient and focused approach to training was evident in his programs, and I was very easily able to fit it in my busy schedule of work and kids.

Within months I noticed the difference in my strength on the wall, and at this stage I'm still finding myself pushing new limits which is extremely exciting at 36 years. 

I can't recommend Justin enough, particularly if you're a busy individual with the desire to improve in the sport/activity of your choosing but don't have the luxury of being able to train for hours on end.

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Kat’s incredible positive attitude and ‘can do’ approach is the reason I attended the second session and combined with her skills and knowledge is why I continue today.


18 months on I can keep up with the young crowd I train with.


Thanks Kat!

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